Friday, January 1, 2010

to all my foodie and frugal friends....

Here's a post i typed up last week but the internet (along w/everything else) was tired and broken:

No matter how crazy your kitchen is...

No matter how little counter space you have...

Do not.

I repeat, DO NOT....

...unload your baking chips out of the grocery bag and onto the top of your oven which will be on all evening baking cakes and pumpkin rolls.

Especially not the super cute mini Andes mints baking morsels.

All you will be left with is goo.

However...this is an easy way to melt chocolate!

I was going to swirl some white almond baking bark into this, but in the craziness of the kitchen I could not locate it...there may not be any in all honesty. I have enjoyed it as a nice minty chocolate treat though!

And here are some recent cakes:

for a very special 3 year old's ballet themed birthday party

and a balloon cake for a random new customer I met at the post office!

Both are white cakes w/vanilla buttercream icing

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