Monday, January 25, 2010

dreams and college courses

I have mentioned some of this before but I have really weird dreams...a LOT. When I was in high school some of my should I say this...interesting friends told me that my dreams sounded like "acid trips" they had had. I've always talked in my sleep and occasionally moved around, but the sleep walking (or should i say sleep falling?) have been in the past year or two.

One thing that has been consistent--I seem to have a dream memory. Like a lot of people, I have recurring places--places that don't exist in real life but I visit them all the time in my dreams. I also have recurring themes and situations, and seem to remember and continue events that happened in dreams from previous nights

Since graduating from college I have had an extremely regular dream of being enrolled in classes that I somehow have forgotten to attend for the entire semester, and then it is finals week and I don't know anything that I was supposed to have learned! It is extremely stressful! Another weird thing is that these classes almost always take place in my high school, but are officially college courses (some with my real college professors, some with high school teachers). Ironically, the class I dream about missing most of all was my Metaphysics and Epistemology class that I took to complete my philosophy major--I think I dream about this b/c, even though I got an "A" in the class, I never really learned what those things mean! *shame*

Well, last night was the culmination of all those dreams--I dreamed that I was married and had the life I have now, but they had just informed me that my diploma had been revoked because I had incompletes in all the classes that I had missed. I was no longer considered a college graduate! I was so stressed out...trying to find substitute classes that I could complete that still fit into my work schedule. I had to find a new PE class that would work with my illnesses and was trying to get into swimming but it was only open during the middle of my workday, and was full of competitive swimmers...I was desperately looking for a 400 level philosophy class to complete for my minor without having to re-take Metaphysics. And then when I logged onto "Topnet" (the real online registry thing from my college) I saw how much all the classes would cost and realized that my scholarship would no longer be in effect! Oh dear it was stressful.

No real reason to share this...just thought I would put it out there! ;)

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  1. Reading this stressed me out!!! Those dreams are always so awful. They leave me feeling so anxious and un-rested.