Friday, January 22, 2010

Resolution check-in, week 3

Well, let's just give me a big red fat F for failure this week! between starting the week w/all the foot and body pain, then being in a foul mood for I don't know what reason, I just did not do well. Well, my goal is to keep myself accountable, and this means being honest even when I fail, so here goes!

1. Improving my overall health. Well, I spent a lot of time doing emotional eating and laying in bed and being lazy and crabby. I didn't gain a full pound back, but I am a few ounces heavier than last week. :( I guess I did make progress by going to the podiatrist to see what can be done about my feet. Well, I am going to get back on track and hopefully will be doing better next week!

2. Be a better steward of my money. Thankfully still doing well here. Though i did some emotional eating, I did not do any impulse purchasing so that's good!

3. Letting things go> I have another box of stuff ready to go to Grandma's attic-woohoo!

4. Waste less time. Nope--I wasted lots of time :(

5. Read books. Nope, not that either

6. Organize/cleaning. No more progress here, but I do have dishes and laundry being done right now!

7. Spend more time w/the hubs. We had a good date night last Saturday and have spend some more time together. Yay!

8. Have time w/God daily. I have note been consistent with this either this week. I've read a few times, but not every night and not nearly enough or focused.

Okay--time to get back in gear!

How was your week?


  1. Your resolutions are pretty much dead on with what I want to do for this year too! Health, money, time management, organizing and cleaning, reading, time with loved ones. The whole deal! And I must say, you're doing much better than I am so far. I'm going to use you as my inspiration to get myself on track! :)

  2. well though i am doing really well in the eating and working out area, i am feeling you in some of the other ones!

    it just feels like the days get shorter and shorter. one of my goals is to actually track spending and i havent even attempted yet... and dont get me started on housekeeping...