Monday, January 18, 2010

old lady feet

well, this will be kinda a downer post, but this is my blog so i'm allowed to whine! you've been warned. (oh, and there are feet pictures--eep!)

Today I went to the podiatrist for an extra extended visit for my plantar fasciitis. It was a pretty good experience overall, except I made the excruciatingly painful decision to go ahead and get a cortisone injection into my left foot. After all the pain I went through w/the right foot, I did eventually notice a difference and was actually able to walk on it with out pain. I figured that two days of crippling pain were a fair trade off for a few weeks of much less pain. I thought maybe that the injection with this doctor would be a little less painful since she specializes in this...but no. At least I was mostly prepared.

Other than the injection we did xrays of my feet which confirmed what I already knew (it's plantar fasciitis--woohoo!) and also showed that I have a bit of a heel spur...but that isn't the source of my pain she said. We talked about inserts and stretches...and then she fixed me up with these babies....

I call them my "foot corsets" sexy huh?

Bascially it's a few layers of ace bandages with a strap to hold it in place between my toes and pads that sit in my arches. I wear them every day, all day (except in the shower)...each set should last a week and they gave me two sets--enough to last me until my next visit in feb. 1st.

at least butch doesn't think i'm a loser!

Upon leaving the office I noticed that everyone else there was in the octogenerian age I really just 25? I had to go to work afterwards and was hobbling around any time that I had to walk. One of my co-workers has a crutch right now due to a knee injury and I was threatening to steal it. Then, to make matters worse my lower back strarted throbbing and I was getting shooting pains up and down my legs. Great. Looks like a fibro flare up in the midst of all this! Well, I'm sitting in my chair with my massage and heating pads on contemplating a very early bed time. meh. Okay...time to pull myself out of this funk b/c we all know that it could be much worse! Forgive my selfishness...

On a positive note, I made a key lime pie for one of the doctors' birthday today. I was really nervous b/c we always get his birthday pie from Red Lobster and it is his favorite. I love my key lime pie recipe, but I haven't tried the Red Lobster one so I didn't know how they would compare, and he had made a comment about how some key lime pies were too heavy and some were just glorified whipped cream...Well, he loved it so much he had extra (and this doc never gets seconds of dessert!) and he came and asked for my recipe! I felt very special and happy to make that for him :)

Now I guess I need to pry myself off this chair and get some orders baked for later this week. Just pray for me to have patience and a positive attitude in all this. I'm kinda bummed. It just gets me down that all my "conditions" are chronic/lifetime conditions and have no more than symptomatic treatment. Okay. I know. It could be much worse. Thanks for listening (reading?) anyway!


  1. i am so sorry dear, i know it must be hard! hope the baking went well.

  2. *hugs* sorry you're having to go through it but I'm inspired that you try to remain positive through it.

    *more hugs*