Friday, January 15, 2010

MSC: Coconut Cupcakes

I'm baack!!

This is my first post since the holidays in one of my baking groups! And what a wonderful challenge to jump back in with! These were amazingly delicious.

I only made a fourth of the recipe for these reasons:
1. It is Friday and I do not work on Fridays and do not have big plans for this weekend, so there is no one to share them with (surprise! hubs doesn't eat coconut!)
2. I am trying to lose weight and did not want 20 cupcakes hanging out to tempt me!
3. Umm....I guess that's all

It was kinda tricky to divide this into a fourth of the recipe as there are two eggs and two egg whites and then more egg whites in the frosting, so you get into the division of eggs and I was kinda worried about that...Also, some of the conversions came up with things like 1/8 tsp plus 7 drops of vanilla extract...I just approximated... (btw...I used this handy-dandy recipe converter to come up with the measurements), but all was well, and most delicious!

The only change I made apart from cutting the recipe back was that I did not grind the shredded coconut in the food processor. I only used 2 tbsp of shredded coconut in the batter and my food processor is WAY to big to grind that up into a powder...or to even mess with for something this small! maybe I need a mini chopper... I kinda liked the bits of coconut in the cake though.

I was also kind of scared of the frosting--I have never done a seven minute frosting, though I have made meringues many times. I finally got to break in my candy thermometer! woohoo!!! I thought it was pretty easy--definitely more time consuming than a buttercream but not too bad, and it tastes somewhat like marshmallow....

I shared one of these with my mom when she came to visit tonight (she LOVES coconut cake--just do not add lemon curd to it or she will beat you up--seriously). She was only going to have a half of one but thought it was so wonderful that she ate a whole one...then my dad came in and even though he is not a big sweets person, he ate one too and loved it--so I sent two home with them. That means I will only have two (one tonight, one...maybe for breakfast? **mischievous grin**)

Thanks so much to Jennifer of Cinema Cupcakes for choosing this awesome recipe! We don't share the recipes in the MSC club, so go buy the book b/c it is beautiful enough to read cover to cover just for fun!

btw...don't you just love my blue plates! I think they look gorgeous w/the cupcakes :)


  1. Your plates do look gorgeous with the cupcakes, and the cupcakes look gorgeous as well. We loved, loved, loved these. I got one. Two teenage boys and one coconut loving husband in the house will explain why I only got one. But, I did only make half a batch, so going in on another half batch today. Maybe I will get another one! Yours look lovely.

  2. Your cupcakes look great...Like little snowballs! I think that the blue plates set them off very nicely.

  3. Glad these worked so well for you with 1/4 a recipe. I would have done 1/4 but I couldn't figure out the egg thing. I bookmarked that handy conversion site. Beautiful cupcakes!

  4. Yeah, I'm doing the diet thing also. I guess I can plan on the middle of the month being a wash because of MSC Club. OH well. Great job!

  5. My favorite color is blue! So i love your plates. Your cupcakes look fantanstic -- the frosting so nice n fluffy.

  6. "she LOVES coconut cake--just do not add lemon curd to it or she will beat you up--seriously"

    That is HILARIOUS! You are too funny. Bravo to you for dividing the recipe into fourths, stuff like that is very tricky! Love the pics!

  7. im glad u loved them coz me and my family loved them as well. Your blue plates sure does look great.

  8. Wow! The cupcakes look great! And those plates are just heaven! I love coconut desserts, I must try this!

  9. ok first of all, i luv the dainty blue plate. 2nd, the bit about your mother and the lemon curd totally made me giggle! hehehe. i luv both lemon curd and coconut and i cant imagine having them together. but i'll have a try at some point and i'll think about your mother. hahaha. ok but in a "virtual" sense. ;)