Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites...Fab 5 Friday...conflicted...

So...I have been going back and forth in my little head between keeping my normal "friday favorites" that I have done for a while, or joining with my friends sabrina, jordan, emily, and jenny to do "fab five fridays", a weekly blog series started by emily in which you list 5 tangible things that have made your life great this week.  I don't know why I am feeling so conflicted about such a silly thing!  I want to be included but I also want to keep doing it MY way ;)  I sound like such a baby.  lol.  I may waffle between the two.  My head is twirly...

Well, as I don't have one particular thing to stand out in my head this week, I am going to do my first Fab 5 goes! 

1.  My Life in France by Julia Child.  I have finally gotten to really get into this book and I am loving it!  I spent a few lunch breaks this week reading it and it paints such a lovely picture of France in the 1940s & 50s.  But don't read it when you're hungry--seriously!

2.   Fruit2day juice.  I love this stuff!  100% juice with bits of fruit in it (mostly pear) it is like a snack and drink in one and so yummy!  I especially love the strawberry banana kind. 

3.  My Scentsy warmers!  Okay, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion b/c I do sell these products, but I just got my shipment of the spring/summer scents & catalogs as well as a few new warmers and scents for my home and I just LOVE them.  I've got some very springy light clean scents and my whole house and car and office just smell wonderful and ready for spring!

4.  My awesome water bottle.  It is just wonderful b/c I drink SO much water and it holds a ton so I don't have to refill all the time.  It has a handle and a straw and flip top and holds about 64 ounces.  It's perfect!  I also have one in pink :)

5.  Sonic grilled chicken wraps.  These are so yummy and a pretty healthy option when it comes to eating on the go.  When I eat lunch out I almost always go to either Taco Bell or Sonic and this is my go-to Sonic lunch.  Yummy and pretty filling!


  1. ohhh taco bell... i know it didnt make the list, but just the thought of it. i love taco bell and never really eat there bc justin doesnt really love it. yummy!

  2. I have that same water bottle in purple!! It is the best, and when it's full I feel like my arm gets a little workout by lifting it. LOL