Monday, March 29, 2010

more weird dreams...

You know by now that I am a vivid dreamer...what with the walking and consequently falling while sleeping, the talking and all that.  I don't know if I mentioned before but hubs refuses to listen to my dreams now.  It kinda makes me sad, but really, I do the same with his sports stuff (or I pretend to listen while it all whooshes over my head...).  Well, I have had lots of crazy dreams over the last week...I think because of being sick and stressed about getting behind at work, a lot of my dreams centered around the office.

Since hubs doesn't care to hear, I will tell you about my dreams, because I know you're just dying to know right??  (please don't feel like you have to read this, I just like to record my dreams sometimes)

First a few snippets from earlier in the week:
~I had gone back to work after being sick and found that two of the doctors in our practice had had a huge falling out while I was gone and refused to work on the same side of the office!  The entire place was turned upside down and patients were confused b/c their doctors were not in the right place.
~The doctors rehired the woman who had been the manager years ago when I was first hired.  I won't go into details, but in real life there was some shady stuff going on which lead to her rather abrupt departure.  In my dream I was forced to train her on how to do the job that I do now which used to be her was just weird.
~I was walking through walmart looking for tapioca pearls in order to make Bubble Tea and was intent on finding large enough straws to suck up the pearls...In real life I am honestly not sure if I've ever tried it, but I seem to have a memory of having some when I was in Russia... (okay, that was not at all about work, but i just remembered it)

And now for last night's dream...
The first part I remember is that I was going to get some milk and there was some odd substance in the bottom of the cup when I was finishing it.  Then I looked closer and pulled out the jug and the rim was coated with maggots!  yuck yuck yuck!!!! 
Then I ended up in my high school, once again I had graduated from high school and college, but now they said I was missing a credit and needed to take classes again.  I started in English where I was stressed out about a paper that was due on a book I hadn't read, then moved on to my choir class, where I began passing out the best ever peanut butter cookies.  My friend Stephen from high school was in class and feeling sick so I went over to him and felt his head and then gave him pepto-bismol pills...I had access to my real life desk drawer which is full of all my pills!  lol.  Then my favorite college professor walked down the hall in a graduation robe, interrupted our choir class to tell me that I couldn't come to work for him, but that the high school wanted to hire me.  Class ended and I started to panic, because once again I had forgotten to print out my class schedule and did not know what class I was supposed to go to or where I was supposed to go.  I ended up in "room 79" which was a computer lab/typing class.  I was trying to find seats by my friends and we kept shifting everyone else around so we could be together, and my sister ended up in the class and her hair was down below her waist like it used to be.  Then out of the blue I had this realization that it was the middle of the day and I had missed the whole last week of work because I was sick, and now I was going to have to be in school everyday until 3:00.  How was I possibly going to manage an office if I could only work 8 hours a week?  And how would I get caught up on everything I had missed while I was sick?  I ran to the school office to get to a phone so I could call my work and spilled the whole thing out to the guidance counselor.  Then I woke up with a minute before my alarm went off. 

My first day back to work after the flu (?) I was exhausted, already stressed, and frazzled.  boo.


  1. Which one of us got the black eye? Im guessing Fraser

  2. I STILL dream of high school - and I am totally over it! I don't understand why I keep dreaming about it, although my dreams have changed. Now, instead of the bad feelings about high school coming out in the dream, I seem to have shifted to standing in my place of power and firmly stating in every dream (to classmates, teachers, parents, etc.) that "I don't HAVE to be here; I have a university degree." It's odd, and I'd prefer NOT to dream of high school anymore, but at least there has been some kind of shift.

  3. Your dreams are so bizarre. So did the doctors really have a falling out and rehire that lady or were those early dreams? that was kinda unclear.

  4. lol--those were dreams too, i don't know what i would do if it really happened!