Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TWD: soft chocolate raspberry tart

Guess what?  I actually made the right recipe on time this week!  woohoo!!  I'm posting a bit late due to another night of much baking (more on that tomorrow) but I did finish last night--just wanted to wait to post until after I could get a daylight picture (it's still light when I get out of work now--yay!)

This week Rachelle of Mommy? I'm Hungry!! chose the soft chocolate raspberry tart from page 354 of BFMHTY by the fabulous Dorie Greenspan.  I LOVE the chocolate raspberry combo.  I buy ghiradelli raspberry squares and stash them in my desk for chocolate emergencies.  But I rarely buy fresh raspberries b/c they go bad so quickly and I find them a bit too mushy.

I honestly thought about skipping this one, even though I love the flavor combo.  The idea of a soft tart didn't really appeal to me and when she described an almost pudding like texture...well, you know about me and pudding.  makes me gag.  yuck.  But I thought it looked pretty simple and I had gone out to pick up some raspberries so I decided to go ahead with it. 

It is a super easy tart to make--just make the crust in the food processor (I skipped freezing the dough and left out the nuts...oh, and probably over-worked it a bit before re-reading that you were supposed to leave it kinda crumbly.  oh well...still good), scatter berries over the baked crust, and then pour the chocolate mixture over it.  I made a half recipe b/c I planned to keep it at my house for dessert, and I definitely don't need a full 9 inch tart!

Well, I'm very glad that I made this one (except for maybe the extra calories).  It is so delicious!  I ate a bit too much when I got home from work (I seriously thought about the tart sitting in my kitchen all day long...longingly...)  I almost skipped dinner and just ate the whole thing!  eep!  Here's to hoping I have better willpower b/c after my creamy-fried weekend and sugar-high monday, I have GOT to get back on track with the eating. 
Thanks for the pick Rachelle--check out her blog for the recipe and be sure to check out the rest of the TWD bloggers to see how they did with them (a lot of adaptations on the type of fruit used as well!).


  1. It looks positivly delicious. I am not normally a rasberry fan, but I do think the lightness of the berry with the chocolate sounds wonderful.
    BTW: I love that it is light when we leave work.

  2. Yum! Love raspberries and the outdoor pictures. Is Spring finally on the way?!

    I hear you, all this baking is not good for the scales! And I have NO willpower.

  3. Nice work! It looks great. I thought about making this one, but it just wasn't in the cards this weekend. Hopefully I'll be back on track next week.