Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday favorites: massages

Okay, so I honestly feel guilty about it b/c it is definitely a luxury but for the past year I have been getting massages once a month...and it is absolute heaven! I really do feel bad for spending the money on it, but I only get my hair cut like once a year, don't ever get it colored and I don't do most of the other pamper-y things that ladies do, so I'm going to do this as long as I can! (that's my justification at least...) I have a wonderful massage therapist who my mother in law got me a gift certificate for a few Christmases ago when I first got sick. She is very affordable--$45 for a 1 1/2 hour session (at least, sometimes longer depending on how bad of a shape my little body is in) in which she does a foot bath, paraffin wax & reflexology as well as full body massage including hot stones. AMAZING!!! It really truly helps with all my pain issues so I'm just thankful to have found someone who does such amazing work at a price I can afford!

I had one today and I can tell you that I really needed it! After my little fender-bender on Tuesday my lower back was hurting and with being in the midst of a symptom flare-up my whole body was just achy and tired. She noticed and said "girl, what is wrong w/you? even your arms are tired!" lol. This has become one of my new go-to gifts for loved ones. She is hard to get in touch with by phone but since I have a standing appointment with her each month I will buy gift certificates and then schedule appointments. If you are in the Bowling Green area (or want to commute) and are ever interested in getting a wonderful massage let me know and I'll get you an appointment!

Do you have any favorite things that you sometimes feel guilty for splurging on? Do tell! (and don't be ashamed...sometimes we just need a little luxury!)


  1. i love massages! and that is a fantastic price!

    my big splurge used to be the tanning bed (before marriage) and now i would say the cable & internet. i know most people have it, but i always feel like its really such a shallow way to spend my money. but i enjoy it!

  2. I really think you should not feel guilty at all! You work very hard and you are not a frivilous (sp) person. This is for your health, if it was a medication you wouldn't feel bad, this is just another form of treatment.
    I feel bad sometimes for spending so much money on my scrapbooking supplies, but then I look at all my finished products and the guilt is gone :)