Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday favorites : my hubs :)

In light of Valentines day (we are celebrating this week instead of last due to my stupid broken body...)I thought that I would do my Friday Favorites post this week on my wonderful man, and some of the things that are my favorite about him:

1. He always tries to make me laugh. Sometimes this gets on my nerves and I gripe at him for not being serious enough when I want him to be, but I really do like that he wants to see me laugh and smile.

2. He works his butt off at a 40 hour/week job + filming/editing almost more than that with his supplemental video business so we can pay off our house early and I will be able to stay home in a few years if/when we decide to have children. I take this for granted a lot, but he really has the desire and drive to provide so that I can be a stay at home momma when that time comes without having a lot of the financial pressures that many people have. It can be hard, but we are making sacrifices now so that we can be the best that we can be for our future family.

3. It's like we have the same brain! Now don't get me wrong, in some ways we are as opposite as can be, and we definitely don't have many common interests, but it seems that our minds work the same way, and we ultimately desire the same things for our family life. We think of the same movie or tv show references at the same time, we complete each other's thoughts and sentences... I like it :)

4. He gives me freedom. I really like that we both have things that we pursue on our own and then come back together for other things. I am so thankful that he understands and encourages me to have girl time with friends and lets me do whenever I need it. I love that he encourages me to pursue things that I love such as baking and blogging. I love that he trusts me to make smart choices (even when I don't always). We are still working on balancing time together and time apart, but I feel that in marriage you still need to have ways to grow yourself and be an individual, and I'm glad that he wants what is best for me.

5. He is honest (sometimes to a fault). There are times that I wish he would just tell me what I want to hear, but he always tells me the truth. That makes the times that he compliments me on something--whether it be something that I baked, the way that I look in an outfit, or a reason that he loves me--stand out so much more because there is no question in my mind that he really means it! I also know that I can trust him. Even when he has done things that he knew I would not really be happy about, he tells me (without even being asked). I know that I can trust him!

6. He is easy to please! Yes, he is an EXTREMELY picky eater, but that man will also be happy eating the same thing every day of the week. He does not go crazy lusting after new gadgets or cars, he is almost always happy in our relationship (I mean, he is married to ME after all ;) ), he is happy and content in his job. It's reassuring to me.

7. He has some odd little quirks that I really like (well, some of them get on my nerves, but are endearing at the same time)
~he sometimes cries at sweet movies or tv shows
~he gets song lyrics wrong--hilariously (i.e. "I'm your fetus" instead of "I'm your Venus")
~he bites butch on the leg every night when the three of us are cuddling. It really gets on my
nerves to be honest, but it's funny all the same.
~he sings a lot...mostly songs from the 70s.
~he is all about quoting tv shows and movies...I know all the quotes by heart now

8. He has a super immune system! lol. It's funny b/c I'm always broken, but at least I can be fairly confident that he will not catch the germs that I bring home from the office and that he will be healthy enough to keep our family going. He actually had 12 years perfect attendance in school! I, on the other hand, got a warning letter for missing too many days of school.

Well, that's a bit about the love of my life. We've been together for nearly 8 years and he has been loving and supportive through it all. I am all too often critical and discontent, but this is a very special man that I married and I'm thankful for him!

on our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago

What are some reasons that you are thankful for your spouse/significant other?


  1. Praise God for amazing husbands! So glad you have one! : )

  2. Sarah I love this! I think it is amazing that you all are being so proactive in paying off your morgage so you can stay home. It is a huge gift! I also love that you can see the love and enduring qualities amongst the annoying ones. Sometimes that is the hardest of all, but hey we all have em.