Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TWD: rick katz's brownies for Julie

Okay...these are definitely my new favorite brownie recipe, and maybe my favorite Dorie recipe! (they are definitely hubs' favorite!)

I made them over the weekend for my bible study reunion, and I seriously thought I had ruined them! I was confused (what else is new?) with the changing of bowls and ended up pouring the chocolate mixture into my kitchenaid bowl, then poured it back out into its own bowl and put the egg/sugar mixture into the kitchenaid bowl...which had a light coating of melted chocolate and butter. I tried to whip the egg mixture in the kitchenaid bowl but it didn't ever seem to "double in size" (are you as confused as I was yet?) Oh well. I baked them anyway and hoped for the best!

And they were the best! The only thing I wasn't sure about is the baking time...they were really soupy after the suggested time frame. I put them back in and forgot to set the timer (oops!) but when I did remember them they looked okay. When I cut them, the finished brownies were extremely gooey (maybe bordering on under cooked--at least the center pieces) but still tasted oh-s0-yum!

This is possibly the first recipe EVER that hubs has deemed "really good" instead of just "fine" which is his go-to answer, even if he likes something a lot. Woohoo! I finally found a scratch brownie recipe that he likes as much as boxed!! Head over to Tanya's blog fore the recipe!

In other news, kitty is sick. He has 103' F fever, is drooling, sneezing, watery eyes, and altogether miserable. He got in a fight over the weekend (nothing new) but this time he was gone almost all day and came home with another cat's claw tangled in his fur! eep!! Poor little. I took him to the vet tonight and he was so angry with me. He yowled the whole way to the vet's office (i meowed back to him) and then tried to climb up my arm/back when we were there. Now he doesn't want to take his meds (he normally does well w/the greenies pill pockets). Boo. And...on top of all that, this crazy snow storm that no one was prepared for made the roads so slick that I got rear-ended on my way home from the vet! Thankfully it was just a tiny bump and the nice thing about my '89 camry is that it has the kind of bumpers that do their job and don't just crack! Crazy day.


  1. I ended up heating the chocolate already in the large bowl so I didn't have to used another.

    They look great.

  2. Oh good you have a new favortie,I love when that happens. This recipe definitley is the bomb!

  3. Yay for a new favorite! From what I've read, no matter how you mix these brownies, they turn out delicious. My eggs didn't seem to double either.

  4. Those brownies look amazing. Poor kitty. Hope she feels better!

  5. These were good. Gooey and fudgy is perfect.

    Poor kitty.