Sunday, February 14, 2010

Resolution Check in: Feb. week 2

Well, as is becoming a theme for 2010, I have been sick all week. As a result, I haven't made much progress in the resolution areas, but for accountability, here is my weekly report!

1. Improve my overall health. The scale finally moved! Just in the wrong direction :( I'm honestly not surprised. I spent most of the week in bed and eating leftovers from my Bible study weekend which are just not healthy. All that food is gone now and hopefully I've rested myself back to "normal" (for me). I did exercise one day which I am proud of. I bought some healthy food at the grocery this week so here goes!

2. Be a better steward of our money. I returned the apple pot and picked a few books for my gift card (some memoirs, a few bios...all used books linked to the B&N site! woohoo!). I had to do a big grocery run today, but stocked up on some of our "normals" so we should be set on those for a while. Overall, hubs says we're in good shape and that makes me happy!

3. Letting things go. No new progress. I intended to do a lot this weekend but was pretty much stuck in bed. Hope to get to that next week!

4. Waste less time. It depends on how you qualify rest. It is honestly a struggle for me to really rest, so I did what I needed to do for my little body. Hopefully it's enough. Otherwise, I accomplished no more than the bare minimum.

5. Read books. I've ordered some more, kept up pretty well w/my devotional books, but still have not read anything much for "fun". Oh well, not gonna stress over it!

6. Organize/cleaning. I hoped to do the car...oh well. someday. I did make it through some more of my food magazines and cataloging recipes, so that's something.

7. Spend more time w/hubs. Not a ton, but we did have a much-needed conversation today and spent a bit of time together. He ended up having to work a lot, and I was pretty much bedridden so no Valentines celebration for us (though we had intended to). We plan to have some great time together next weekend--a postponed Valentines day if you will. He got me the perfect brownie pan though! Super sweet and he thought of it himself ;)

8. Have time with God daily. So I was a super failure on the 5 o'clock club this week. I mostly did it at night, but slept through a few times. I'm trying to do more of a "sandwich" of time with the Lord. Read a bit in the morning, then really get into it at night when I have more time to really focus.

So that's me. I'm honestly quite discouraged about how much I've been struggling w/my health lately. Boo. Once again, I'm going to try to start again this week. Eat better, exercise some (but not too hard, still can't push myself), remind myself of my limits again.

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