Wednesday, February 3, 2010

books...a love affair

I have some money left from Christmas on a Barnes & Noble gift card.

Today during my lunch break I wandered the store picking books up and then putting them back down before I realized that I want ALL OF THE BOOKS!!!


Each book is a world waiting to be discovered. So many possibilities. So many things to learn. So many leisurely hours that I do not have...

But what should I buy with my remaining $18.04?

It also hurts me to buy books at full price when I know they can be found used online for so much less money. (the past 3 days of work have been focused on our collections accounts. blech--i hate calling people about their bills!)

And then there is the time issue. I do not have time to read all of these books. I do not have time to read all of my magazines. I do not have time to read all of the 145 blogs that I have "followed"--But I cannot seem to say no to reading material!

My compulsive tendencies are re-emerging.

I have recently been drawn to memoirs...especially those involving food (i wonder why?)


Do you have any suggestions of wonderful books that you have read recently? I do not like dark drama type things. Any ideas??

btw...happy February! I missed TWD this week but it was Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes. I've heard mixed reviews.


  1. I'm reading Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller, and would highly recommend spending money on it. Or, if you're in the mood for a Barnes & Noble classic...have you read Jane Eyre???

  2. girl i have the same problem with wanting to read every book that i see or hear about (but you are on your own with the magazines, they just never do it for me!).

    but of all the books i read last year, i think i would recomend "Life Together" by Dietrich Bonehoeffer (totally misspelled his name but i dont feel like googling it now! haha). it was so good an challenging.

    i recently started having a craving to read books from my childhood, like the babysitters club, nancy drew, sweet valley high! haha!

  3. I TOTALLY understand about wanting to read absolutely everything. I have an entire bookshelf of books I haven't even started to read, and I make weekly trips to the library to add on to the piles! What's even worse? I actually work at B&N. So I have daily access to everything new coming out. Which makes for endless lists of things I want to read. Luckily I have enough discipline to keep from buying all of them.. Otherwise I'd be working for free!

    Most of what I read is either that dark drama stuff, or a whole lot of teen fiction. (I know. It's awful but I can't stop myself) I hate recommending something I haven't actually read yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about The Help by Kathryn Stockett. (I've wanted to read it for months now, but haven't had the chance!) It's still in hardcover right now, but it's been on the Barnes and Noble Bestsellers pretty much since it came out a year ago. (Which means it's on sale!) I've had quite a few people tell me it's the best book they've read all year, and the reviews on both and Amazon are all really positive. (Both sites rate it 4.5/5 with close to 2000 ratings between the two. Not bad!) If you don't like hardcovers, it's coming out in paperback in June, I think. Here's the link to the page about it!