Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday girls!!!

When I started college 7(!!) years ago I had no idea that I was going to learn what it means to have true, honest, and vulnerable relationships. During that time being involved in ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ I had the wonderful privilege to lead a group of amazing women in Bible study for four years (I continued for one year after I graduated while most of them were seniors). Well, tomorrow morning most of them are going to trek back to Bowling Green to visit! I am so excited about our little reunion! Though we have not been as great at keeping in touch as I think most of us would like, this time together is always fun!

I am baking up a big batch of yums--including my "assignments" for TWD & MSCC (this is the first time in my history with baking groups that I have baked more than the day before the post was due!!). I'm tired and overwhelmed with all the stuff to do right now, but it is going to be so wonderful to see all of them!

Here are some pictures from the good old days...I have very few of the entire group together, but you get the idea ;)

at a Christmas party with the scarves & mittens that I knitted for them

at my tea party bridal shower

the girls i discipled

the lovelies (minus lauren) at my wedding

I think that I learned more through this group of women than I ever had on my own. We were our own little family--so special! At one point 3 of the girls were living together (really at one point everyone involved in the group was living with someone else from it...) in a tiny apartment with 2 other girls as well. The apartment had 3 bedrooms, and they gave the other two girls each her own room because they were so close! Then when one of their other roommates got married and moved out, the left her old room as a "study room" and continued to share a little room together--true friendship. I could go on and on about the times that we had and things that we learned, but suffice it to say, God blessed our little group, and I am so thankful for having that opportunity! (and to see them tomorrow! eep!!!)

(and not to make my most recent group left out-i love you all too, and we will have to have a reunion soon as well!)

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